Jul 29, 2010

Businessmen celebrate millennium anniversary

A festival entitled “Vietnamese entrepreneurs with Hoa Lu-Thang Long-Hanoi – 1,000 years of construction and sustainable development” will be held on Mar. 4 in Hanoi and the northern province of Ninh Binh.

The festival is one of the first activities in the lead-up to the 1,000 th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.

The programme will start at the Hanoi Friendship Palace by entrepreneurs’ travelling to Ninh Binh province for burning incenses at the Dinh and Le Kings Temples in Hoa Lu.

The activities in Ninh binh will also include planting a Bodhi tree, a peace ceremony, a vegetarian food party and provision of 1,000 scholarships to poor and outstanding high school students.

Then, the participants will have a party at the My Dinh National Convention Centre in Hanoi .

A gala held at the My Dinh National Convention Centre will be televised in the presence of Party and State leaders.

The event is expected to draw the participation of 4,000 people, including 1,000 businesspeople from all 63 cities and provinces, 300 representatives from cities, provinces, ministries, agencies and associations, 300 Buddhist monks and followers and 60 reporters.

Hoa Lu district in Ninh Binh province is about 110km south from Hanoi . Hoa Lu was the capital of Vietnam ’s feudal era from 968 to 1010.

Covering only 300 hectares, the ancient capital reigned from the 10th century, during the Dinh and Le dynasties, to the 11th century, during the Ly Dynasty. In 1010, King Ly Thai To moved the capital to Thang Long ( Hanoi now)./.

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