Some problems about history and contruction of Thăng Long queen city

Ly Cong Uan became king, founding monarch Li (1009 - 1225) in the capital Hoa Lu (Ninh Binh) on 2-11 Ky Dau (21 - 11-1009). July autumn 1010, the king moved his capital from Hoa Lu to Dai La to Thang Long and renamed.
Right in the autumn of that year, the Bruce urgently build a palace as the residence and work of King, and the royal court.

Center of power cradle, where the king's court, the two parties and rehearsal Hien Vo, is the power behind the Long An, Long King's holiday to Switzerland. By the end of 1010, eight power supply 3 complete. The following year, a number of palaces and temples built more towers. A ring of surrounding the palace was also building in the first year, called Long Thanh Phuong Thanh hay. That's the Royal City by invoking common later.

The covering with soil, with the outer moats, open 4 doors: the east wall Phu, Quang Phuc in the west, Daxing District in the south, the north German Dieu. Although there are different opinions, but based on history data and relics rest, can determine the open-door wall to Dong Phu and the city's busiest trading Jiangkou wards and the White Horse Temple. Open the door Quang Phuc Dien Huu Pagoda (One-Pillar Pagoda) and West Chew market (market Ngoc Ha). Cua Dai Hung in nearly Cua Nam today. Overlooking the front door Dieu Duc river History, about Phan Dinh Phung street today. Long Thanh in a special area called the Forbidden City to protect the residence and rest of the king and royal family. Li in life, the architecture of the Imperial City also through many remodeling and building more.
Long Thanh and Forbidden City was the political center of the Bible. The outside, along with several palaces and temples tower area of residence, trade, people do eat them, including the station's market, streets and rural farm agriculture. A ring surrounded the whole area started to be build by 1014, called the University of La or La Thanh.

This has made the round function of cumulative protection, both as to prevent flooding. Into the new relief and take advantage of, renovation of a former life of Dai La Street. The eastern city of La along the right bank of the river as a Twenty of the river dike from half to Ben Mark in East, north based on the right bank of river south of West Lake History from grapefruit to Hang Buom today, west left bank of the river from grapefruit to Calendar Ô Cau Giay district, south of the river through Taurus Vo, O Cho Dua, O Bridge Black, Black in East Mark. Dai La Li into life opening doors: Korea East (slope Hoe Chew), Atlantic (Cau Giay), Truong Quang (O Cho Dua), Cua Nam (Ô him to), Van Xuan (in East-plate).

The University La exterior surface surrounded by three rivers: the river Nhi History river, river Taurus and utilize as a natural moat. A feature of the natural landscape of the Thang Long is a lot of rivers and lakes. It can be said of Thang Long - Hanoi is a city lake and river-right from the detailed elaboration, the Ly known natural terrain advantage in planning the building to turn rivers, lakes into the moat order course, the waterway traffic convenience and a drainage system, regulatory environment, ecological protection. So in the past by Thang Long is not seriously century computer age, symmetrical, square bending his brief that the terrain and adapt and take advantage of natural conditions.

During the disturbances last variable life Physics, The Citadel was destroyed severely. Once established, the Chen must respond to, rebuilt the palace, but the location, size of The Citadel, commonly known as Phuong Thanh Long, do not change.

Le record, The Citadel is many times more renovations and expansion at the center of power telescope building in 1428, rebuilt in 1465 with a dragon carved stone railing in 1467 still in the Hanoi. In Hong Duc 21st (1490), King Le Thanh Tong to map the country and the government declared excess of 13 Chinese Cities to Tokyo News Le record. Atlas Germany Hong Left so far has been transcribed many times over later, but still the ancient atlas of the University Vietnam, including the map of Tokyo. Through this map, can imagine the scale and structure of The Citadel and the Forbidden City of Thang Long XV century palace with a contemporary

Sang Nguyen dynasty, the Hanoi built by King Gia Long in 1805 by Vauban model not only lower elevation, but also shrink the size compared to the Thang Long ancient Imperial City. However, the center axis of the telescope Mon Doan Hoang Thanh Thang Long Le has not changed and the column axis Flag this more, Cua Bac Nguyen dynasty.