Jul 30, 2010

Thăng Long queen city in balance with old capitals

Detection sites 18 Hoang Dieu enough proved invaluable to the economic value of Thang Long thousand years ago from the left in the ground, that makes it fortunate enough when thanks to the conservation of ground that we, and generations of children, many opportunities will study and learn history.
The value of the relic Hoang Thang Long (been revealed in 2003) were the scientists in the country as well as international experts, including UNESCO Director General Mr. greatly appreciate, fully deserves to recognized as the cultural heritage of humanity.

Each city has a fixed value but only its own it, the Thang Long Imperial comparison with the Co Loa ancient capital, Hue and Hoa Lu is intended to affirm the value added is extremely rare sites of The Citadel , ancient capital of Thang Long culture in 1000. Professor Phan Huy Le, chairman of Vietnam's history of Science and Professor Phan Khanh was very consistent in putting out the interesting perspective of this comparison.

According to Professor Phan Huy Le, and evidence analysis and research archaeologists have confirmed for sure Loa is the oldest capital city, is the earliest buildings of the entire region of Southeast Asia. From the third century BC (about 2,300 in this way), a business with a large enough scale to a total of three rounds over 16 km as Loa is extremely rare. Capital Cities Loa also take advantage of natural river Hoang Giang thoroughly when connected to the system in the proud, to be swept back from that across the northern plain, the Red River, Thai Binh river, to the Continental Early Giang, Bridge on the River, River Trade, Luc Ngan river. Value of the sites located in Co Loa site: is the oldest business in Southeast Asia.

Undergone several transformations thousand years, traces of the three rounds into the ground is not much longer, are severely sexually abused. Efforts to "rescue" Loa appears as "harmful" to the other surviving traces more. Fortunately for longer underground Loa both a treasure, according to Prof. Phan Khanh. Have found the space here, and only a hole where archaeologists found the couple ten thousand arrows, new in 2005 also discovered an entire underground weapons production facilities, with the stove, a teacher molds , casting the same arrows arrows we have discovered here.

Fortunately for Loa, as even the capital for several decades, then go through ups and downs than 2,000 years, including the variation, then the remnant, and is the soul of the ancient capital is still there, has urged the generation of post-birth cosset preserve historical value.

Capital Hoa Lu is there a special historical role, even exist in the non half-century (from 968 to 1010, when Ly Thai To, the first king of the Ly Dynasty, decided to move capital to Thang Long ). Reply by Prof. Phan Khanh, the first king of Vietnam's reunification "have built capital Hoa Lu on dangerous terrain, take advantage of natural conditions with limestone cliffs and river system to citadel ", creating an" army to "take serious computer defense. Professor Phan Huy Le also stressed several factors to "natural time, local interest, of peace" of economic Hoa Lu ancient capital. In essence, the capital of Hoa Lu bring more business to fall into, relevant in the "fight" more than political stability, promoting culture, expand the economy.
Huellas arquitectura Ly - Tran agujero en D4 - D6 (zona D)

Hue is the cultural heritage of the world's first Vietnam is recognized by UNESCO. Professor Phan Huy Le appreciate the architecture of the ancient capital Hue, by the result of cultural exchange, to acquire a western heritage. That is whether the time is not very long capital, just half a century young (from 1802 to 1945), and, again very young age compared to the ancient capital, Hue is recognition of the very respectfully world. "For example to say much about Hue, which is free for anyone to feel the value," said Professor Phan Khanh so on the last business in Vietnam.

Back on the past, asked the Co Loa, Hoa Lu, or the ancient capital of Hue, as we better understand the precious value of Thang Long Royal, the "superior class, especially on the thickness and contact time continue. Archaeological excavations have identified traces of the University of La over 1000 years ago. Then the supply of electricity, the economic architect of ancient ... Indeed, hard to find the world's capital has a long history of thousands of years, now is the "capital" of Vietnam modern.

Mentioned Hoang Thang Long is referred to the continuity of cultural classes Ly - Tran - Le was carefully hidden underground, but without surprise excavations in 2003 at 18 Hoang Dieu shall remain confidential , still just the words written in the history data, the maps quite profiles. Professor Phan Huy Le monument is called "the relics of the" business of Thang Long, from which to understand a lot about architecture, about cultural identity, the combination of nature (adapted and advantage), combining thoroughly waterway transport, handling space ...

Of the popular architecture of Thang Long Imperial City did not also how much (ie, lost remote Hue), the most precious and oldest far only the power of the telescope and Le Doan Mon Mac (post-Le), Forbidden City is no longer little, The Citadel only a few paragraphs, single cell door just in District Attorney ... But the discovery of 18 Hoang Dieu enough proved invaluable to the economic value of Thang Long thousand years ago from left in the ground, that makes it fortunate enough when thanks to the conservation of ground that we, and generations of children, more opportunities will study and learn history.

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