Jul 29, 2010

Scenario for grand ceremony of Hanoi millennium anniversary

A plan for a grand ceremony on the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi that has been submitted to the Government for approval will be one of the most glorious cultural and historical programmes in Vietnam ’s history.

The event, which will take place from Oct. 1-10, will include 30 cultural activities and festivals that aim to honour the country’s historical and revolutionary values, said the plan’s author Nguyen Khac Phuc.

During the event, Hanoians and people across the country will be entertained with a music and symphony programme, a traditional dress (ao dai) show, a street festival, kite flying and a physical exercise performance given by 1,000 old people.

The ceremony will include the debut of a book collection entitled “Thang Long-Hanoi – 1,000 years of culture”, the inauguration of the Hanoi Museum and Uncle Ho statue and a awards ceremony for the international contest “Thang Long-Hanoi - your rendezvous”.

Following the opening ceremony of the event on Oct. 1 will be a play called “Thang Long-Hanoi - Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh era”.

The play tells the story of the nation’s development since the August Revolution in 1945 with the participation of tens of thousands of people and the image of Uncle Ho reading the Declaration of Independence in Ba Dinh Square .

Other events, including the Government’s takeover of the city in Oct. 10, 1954, Hanoi’s downing of US B52 planes, a Politburo meeting to initiate a massive offensive in 1975 and Hanoi’s construction and development process will be vividly manifested in the play./.

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