Jul 27, 2010

New series celebrates Hanoi’s 1,000th anniversary

A TV series on the history of Hanoi will start shooting in December to celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.

The 70 episode series, entitled “Huyen su thien do” (the history of the capital city), is about Ly Cong Uan or King Ly Thai To, who decided to move the country’s capital from Hoa Lu to what is now present day Hanoi in the Red River Delta.

The film, jointly produced by Film Studio 1 and the Phat Nam Thien Production Joint Stock Company, depicts Ly Cong Uan’s life and the changes that came about before the Le Dynasty, when princes fought each other for power between 1004 and 1009.

Another film that will be shown to highlight the capital city’s millennium anniversary is “Khat vong Thang Long” (The Aspirations of Thang Long).

The other movies about King Ly Cong Uan include “Thai su Tran Thu Do” (The Great Teacher Tran Thu Do) and “Ly Cong Uan – duong toi Thanh Thang Long” (Ly Cong Uan – The Road to Thang Long Citadel).

(Source: VNA)

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