Jul 30, 2010

New findings about Thăng Long queen city

Block is the palace where the focus typical of the monarch, the most advanced products of the economy, the country's culture through historical periods.
On September 2, 2002, a conference on scientific relic Hoang Thang Long was held in Hanoi brings together historians, archaeologists across the country. Approval of the historian Professor Phan Huy Le, we post all discussion to the new conclusions deepen awareness of the monument is especially rare. We put the headline.

Nhập mô tả vào đây

1. Areas Hoang Thang Long at 18 Hoang Dieu began excavations from 12-2002 and are revealed in a large area in the mid-2003.

Area excavated so far is 19,000 m2. From the findings, about archeology and historians have determined preliminarily that the relics are located within Thang Long Hoang Ly, Tran, Le record, Mac, and the Le Trung Hung Nguyen, Hanoi time. But this is a complex archaeological relics, including many urban architectural monuments and a massive amount of relics of many different historical periods so many questions to be posed and engaging the attention Research research of many scientists in the country and internationally.

In 2004 - 2005 until early 2006, several workshops with computer science or research report specialized, interdisciplinary is the Social Science Institute of Vietnam, Ministry of Culture and Information Ministry of Construction organization. Most importantly, national scientific conference by the Institute of Social Sciences held on 19-20/8/2004, workshop international consultant by the Institute of Social Sciences and coordinate with the Vietnam National Committee UNESCO Vietnam male and UNESCO Office in Hanoi and held on 10-11/8/2004 Meeting on February 18, 2006 by Ministry of Culture and Information organized.

Through workshops, many problems are posed by issues such as general location of the relics in the structure of Thang Long-Hanoi, the nature and age of the relics, the value of the relic ... to the very specific issues such as age structure and individual architectural monuments, types and characteristics, origin and some relics dating, dating and relationship between the cultural layer , decode the writing on some relics, geological features composed, ecological environment, the origin of the relic rivers, lakes ... Something worth more pleased that more research and discussion, besides several issues need further research, many new questions are posed, the general perception of scientists in general the value of relic They may get together trends consensus. The results of this study, we like to thank the participation and cooperation of several research experts from the International UNESCO, Japan, France, Italy, Spain.

2. Awareness is relatively common consensus about the value of the relic Hoang Thang Long Hoang Dieu 18 can summarized as follows:

- Areas once discovered is defined in the Thang Long Royal is gradually defined more specifically in the Forbidden City is the center of Royal City News. Thang Long Citadel of three rounds to: La City University, Imperial City (the name used by Le record) and Block. The University of La and Royal have changed from the Ly, Tran Le to record, from time to time, record Mac Le and Le Trung Hung, but the location and size of the Forbidden City is virtually unchanged, only palace is undergoing many construction and repair, dismantling, destructive ... Block is the palace where the focus typical of the monarch, the most advanced products of the economy, the country's culture through historical periods.

- Areas of multi-level serial culture quite different from An ongoing India-South domination University La VII-IX century, particularly from the Ly, Tran, Le Mac file to the time, Le Trung Hung century XI-XVIII and XIX century Nguyen Dynasty. Relic's history from pre-culture of Thang Long thousand years time and near Thang Long-Hanoi. Many foreign experts rated value because the capital is rare in a country where the ground still preserve vestiges relatively systematic and continuous with depth historical and cultural nearly five thousand such , even if pre-Thang Long, then up to 13th century.

- Relic 19,000 m2 is part of the Block, but disclosed a priceless cultural heritage of the Bible, crystallize the value of cultural history of both peoples. This value is expressed through the architectural monuments and other relics, including wells, the drains, the foundation architecture, building materials, the sophisticated pottery, materials with typical architecture of the era ... all showed a high level of economic development, culture and national identity with dark, especially during Vietnam century civilization University XI - XV with organizations to build capacity, create good nutrition of the ancestors.

- The relics of foreign origin as the money, pottery of China, Japan, West Asia relations delivered proven economic and cultural capital of the widely with our country abroad. This is a feature and value of culture in Vietnam, always developed on the solid foundation in conjunction with the exchange and absorption of external cultural influences.

- It can be said of the capital of the country, each capital has as its history, contributing to create the flow of history and cultural centers of political, economic, cultural countries. Among them, economic Thang Long-Hanoi has a long history and the most typical for the period of the country's prosperity: economic Thang Long time civilization University Vietnamese capital of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh era. Areas Hoang Thang Long 18 Hoang Dieu has reflected the history of economic development, convergence and regulations has crystallized the value of history and ethnic culture via annually. It is a heritage of priceless cultural production capital and the whole nation.

By comparing the results of some scientists in the country and international experts, the legacy is still world class, the criteria have been recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Himself Kōichiro Matsuura, President of UNESCO, when visiting the monument on July 17, 2005 said: "Areas have cultural values and history extremely important and pursuant to Heritage Convention cultural world, it can be fully considered cultural heritage of humanity ".
Cấm thành Thăng Long được xác định trong phần viền đỏ.
3. Recently, archaeologists Vietnam during revise the artifacts, setting records and work with scientists from Japan studied the relics in the field, has provided some more information give a results of new research results raise further awareness of the value of the relics. Archaeological Institute reported on new research results, in which the results of my concerns is:

Through revise the kind, archaeologists have put out again on decorative objects and discover more relics are Hanja. In addition to the Hanja name army's version and some administrative units involved the construction of Royal, also the word architectural Han named an imperial palace in the Forbidden City was old bibliographic notes such as "Royal Villa subjects People directory created "," Changle supply "," Kim Quang power. Revise the results of artifacts and statistics also provide information about the system characteristics and changes pottery through the period, the currency of Vietnam from the Ly, Tran Le to the Nguyen and money China from the Han dynasty, Tang to Song, Minh, Thanh. The statistics on mobile core animal found to provide information regarding activities and art supply moisture paddy home.

Results of studies of architectural monuments in the field for experts in Japan and Vietnam make comments on the architecture and set of architectural drawings in a certain architecture Ly, Tran with the number Data specific measurements. This information shows that more fairly large scale of the palace in the ancient Forbidden City.

Many problems and questions still being posed, the research results is increasingly clear over the value of the relic Hoang Thang Long.

4. Areas Hoang Thang Long since has revealed to date has more than 4 years and is facing the requirement is urgent resolution.

Research as valuable as the monuments are confirmed, but the state has considerable worry. Archaeologists have tried hard to protect the relics such as roof covering, set up the system vacuum pump, apply a solution of anti-submarine, anti-moss milestone ... But the change of environment conservation in from the ground to outside, the climate change such as humidity, heat will affect the quality relics.
Over four years, despite all efforts to protect the above, the relics are gradually degraded by years. Japanese experts are worried about our status is degraded. Status degradation is only resolved when the basic long advocated the preservation of relics, on the basis of the established long-term conservation planning and construction plan for each step depending on their ability ta. In this respect, UNESCO and experts from many countries ready cooperation, consultation and support us. Also on that basis, can apply the solutions to long-term conservation and efficiency with modern technology.

Relic of Imperial Highway has combined with relics on the ground and the ground (not being the architect of modern destruction) of the Thang Long Block and revolutionary relics, modern resistance, may be planning a historical-cultural Thang Long-Hanoi run through from pre-Thang Long, Thang Long-time business, time to Hanoi to Hanoi capital, Ho Chi Minh era. Range planning and names relic should also researched and discussed widely among management agencies and experts on science and related fields.

A cultural heritage such exist between the center of Hanoi will enhance the position of history, cultural capital and meet criteria to be recognized as a National Monument and special cultural heritage in the world. It was proposed by the scientific community through scientific conferences, is the earnest aspirations of the people of the capital and the country, is also the responsibility of our generation before history.

And if the relics are not preserved, and all you can say long-term capital Hanoi will forever be a world cultural heritage in the heart of the capital, thousands of culture, pride of of capital and people throughout the country and community Vietnam abroad. It is more meaningful sacred when Hanoi and the country is preparing anniversary of Thang Long thousand years old.

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