Jul 29, 2010

Birthday facelift for Hanoi

The Construction Department is expected to join a project to rejuvenate Thang Long-Hanoi for the city’s 1,000 anniversary at the beginning of April.

It will paint houses; refurbish public works; clear illegal advertising signs and ban pavement encroachment.

Municipal agencies will help home owners who take responsibility for the renovation of their houses.

City-managed offices will receive 47 billion VND (about 2.4 million USD) for the work.

“Black and red are banned to ensure consistent colour,” said Tran Duc Dung, director of the Ba Dinh Urban Management Office.

About 2,000 dust bins and public toilets will be installed at bus and train stations.

Parks and flower gardens will also be replenished.

Thoroughfares including Bac Thang Long-Noi Bai, Lang-Hoa Lac and Highways 1.5 will be renovated in addition to those in Hoan Kiem and Ba Dinh districts.

Encouragement for people to join project has been disseminated in most wards.

“Most people support the project but some still hesitate to repair of repaint their houses because of their financial situation,” said the management office director.

The director said he was worried about the clearing of uncontrolled advertising signs and stopping pavement encroachment.

“The problem is how to keep the advertising signs in order and pavements clear and clean,” he said.

Tu Liem district Urban Management office director Do Anh Tuan warned that commune, wards and hamlet officials would have to “diligently follow up the project to ensure its success.”/.

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